Shantineer Best Old Age Home in Kolkata emergency ambulance service is a 24/7 service for members who need to be hospitalized at short notice to the hospital of the member’s choice. Shantineer Has Own Ambulance Service also we provide Wheelchair.

Wheelchair Service in Shantineer Old Age Home in Kolkata

Shantineer, true to its name provides the highest standard of senior living in India. Currently operating throughout Kolkata city, the Shantineer, a few of the first luxury old age homes in India offers unique living facilities.

We provide food, shelter, medical care to abandoned elderly. View Events. Shantineer old age home is the luxury old age home in India where elders can live they want to live. It is the best place for senior living communities in India.


Very good place for older people. One of our family member still here from 1.2 years. Well mannered staffs and they take care of all boarders very sincerely. Very helpful service provided. They treat them like their own family member.
Best wishes from me for Shantineer. Do well always


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